Bom Bon

Bom Bon

The automotodrom Grobnik SOUVENIR SHOP offers You branded souvenirs related to the automotodrom itself, also including car and moto events in general.
Here You can buy: shirts (male, female, kids) long or short sleeved, polo shirts, tank tops, caps, pirates, scarfs, fleece jackets with or without hoods, fleece and soft cell vests, umbrellas, stickers and similar.
Also, You can arrange prints of Your own special event shirts for Your group or team. Motives which we apply, on Your own wish, to a selected souvenir was designed and graphically shaped by N. Raucher. Those motives are printed in own graphic studio in Rijeka.


Svjetlana Raucher

091 216 7861

Nenad Raucher

091 572 1251

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